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If you talk to Dawn though, she would not mention any of these things because her focus (indeed, her purpose), is pointing people to their greatness. Enter REIGN™️. 

Fashioned formally in 2015 (but birthed some years prior), REIGN™️ is a leadership and empowerment platform designed by Dawn to lead all she meets to the realization that they are greatness walking (i.e., created to overcome, to dominate, to superabound, to win, to wear a crown, to reign). 


Powered currently by the dynamic, fun and conscious-raising experience she calls a REIGNclass®, her regular REIGNdrop® posts branded as “pep talks on demand”, and her first book Boss Presence, (which debuted at #1 in Amazon’s Business Shorts category), REIGN™️ is nothing short of a movement, poised to change a culture. According to Dawn, “greatness is hardwired into our DNA”. Her mission — to help all unlock it! 




Dawn R. Rosemond wears a lot of hats. She is an equity partner in an AmLaw 100 firm, a chief diversity and inclusion strategist, a best-selling author, national keynote speaker, mentor, and philanthropist. They all seem to fit her well. Just by way of example, Dawn is a recipient of an Indiana Torchbearer Award® (Indiana’s most prestigious recognition of women in the state), was named one of the “Most Influential African-Americans in Northeast Indiana” by Ink Magazine®, selected as an “Indiana Super Achiever” by MyLifeIndiana®, and was listed as one of the “Nation’s Best” by Lawyers of Color®.  

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