Dawn R. Rosemond wears a lot of hats and they all seem to fit her well– she is a lawyer (for over 22 years now), indeed, a partner in an AmLaw100 firm, a chief diversity officer and inclusive engagement strategist, author, mentor and philanthropist. And her work is noted. Just by way of example, Dawn is an Indiana Torchbearer Award® recipient, a ACBA Niemann Citation honoree for Excellence and Professionalism in the legal profession, and one of the most influential African-Americans in Northeast Indiana as noted by Ink Magazine®.

If you talk to Dawn though, she would not mention any of these things. Indeed, when asked to describe what she does or who she is, three words flow: “I build people.” Enter Dawn’s REIGN platform.

Fashioned formally in 2015 (but birthed roughly five or so years prior), Dawn has created a leadership, professional and personal development platform called “REIGN” to lead people to the realization that they were created to REIGN in this life (i.e., to build people). Through, among other things, dynamic talks she calls a REIGNclass®, roundtable-esque “big talk” vibe sessions she calls a REIGNtable™, and most recently, through her published book Boss Presence, Dawn endeavors to fulfill this call on her life.